Adding Longevity to Your Smile

dental careWhen you think about the future, you may have an unspoken expectation that your smile will look the same throughout the years. Research has shown that, like cosmetic medicine, cosmetic dentistry is also growing in popularity. Knowing how we like to feel about our smiles, we can understand why more people are attending to the appearance of their teeth.

Your Smile in Your Hands

The good news about maintaining a healthy smile is that your daily habits go a long way in protecting you from certain physical and cosmetic conditions. When you brush your teeth twice a day, you are minimizing the buildup of plaque that can discolor your teeth. You’re also heightening your protection against cavities and gum disease. After brushing, be sure to floss, as this is the only way to reach hidden bacteria between teeth.

Your Smile in Our Hands

We enjoy partnering with our patients to achieve optimal oral health, and to create a thing of beauty that improves not only their appearance but their confidence.

Lifelike repairs. One of the greatest things about modern dentistry is that dentists now have the ability to restructure damaged teeth in a way that restores functional integrity as well as the natural aesthetic value of the smile. When you visit us, you can reap the benefits of these modern techniques, such as tooth colored fillings and ceramic dental crowns.

Teeth whitening. Teeth whitening procedures continue to outnumber all other cosmetic dental treatments, and we can understand why. A simple but powerful bleaching technique can quickly resolve the issue of discoloration. Most patients are able to enhance the brightness of their teeth with convenient home whitening care. This does not mean store-bought whitening strips, but the use of professional grade products and systems.

Dental veneers. Imperfections such as a white spot on surface enamel, intrinsic staining, or gaps between teeth can cause you to feel self-conscious rather than confident. Dental veneers provide a way to create lasting change and lifelike beauty. Veneers may be directly applied in a process referred to as bonding, or they may be fabricated from high-quality materials and a dental lab. Bonding may be appropriate for small concerns, whereas full porcelain veneers are ideal for a dramatic smile transformation.

You deserve a beautiful and healthy smile. Schedule your visit with us to develop a plan to achieve this.