Are crooked teeth only a cosmetic issue?

Are crooked teeth only a cosmetic issue?

Are crooked teeth only a cosmetic issue?

Eric Wiitala, DDS | Crooked Teeth | Crooked TeethAre crooked teeth only a cosmetic issue?While many patients think of crooked teeth as just a cosmetic or bite alignment issue, there is much more to those crooked teeth than patients have thought. Crooked teeth can be a result of many different problems. Some patients naturally have crooked teeth due to genetics in their family. If their parents had braces to straighten their smiles, they may require that same solution. Additionally, crooked teeth can impact overall oral health. When teeth are not properly aligned, that can make it difficult for patients to properly brush and floss the teeth. This leaves the smile at risk for developing tooth decay and periodontal disease, both extremely damaging conditions that are caused by poor oral health habits.

What can be done for crooked teeth?

Patients who have several teeth in the smile that are crooked and are impacting the bite alignment may be a good candidate for orthodontic treatment. This is the first course of action for many of our patients who are experiencing crooked teeth. This may include traditional metal bracket and wire braces or nonconventional solutions available to patients today, including clear braces or aligner therapies.

For patients with just one or two crooked teeth in their smile, disguising these teeth may improve the appearance. Ways of covering the teeth may include the fabrication and placement of a porcelain veneer, or perhaps the use of cosmetic resin.

Which treatment is right for me?

Choosing a way of addressing one or more crooked teeth can be achieved with the help of a dental professional. Dr. Eric Wiitala of Scottsdale, AZ encourage patients to have an initial evaluation completed in his practice to determine the severity of the misalignment. Once he has taken x-rays to check the overall health of the smile, he can then make recommendations for patients based on their unique situations.

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