Coffee Lovers, Unite! With your Best Smile, that is!

teeth-whitening A cup o’ Joe in the morning can be something really special. For millions of people, it’s more than that; it’s a vital necessity just to get the day started. No coffee, no talky . . . you get the picture. You may even have the t-shirt! If you are a coffee addict (it’s ok, no shame!), the one thing you do need to know is that coffee will affect your teeth and gums. Actually, there is something else you need to know: you don’t have to give up your beloved beverage in order to have healthy, even sparkling, teeth. Let’s explore the relationship between java and a joyful grin.

The Coffee Smile
Do you have a coffee smile? One that is dull or yellow? Does it go hand-in-hand with the telltale coffee breath many people experience after their morning cup – or pot? The reason that coffee stains teeth isn’t necessarily because the beverage itself is so dark. It comes down to tannins. Tannins are also found in turmeric, some tea, and red wine, so coffee isn’t the enemy here. Another issue with coffee as it relates to teeth, not to mention the tummy, is its acidity. Recognizing these hazards, we can more adeptly navigate around them, and it need not be complicated!

  • Scale back on the sipping. A habit that many coffee-lovers may inadvertently create is continual sipping. They fill their cup, sip it until it gets cold, then refill it or microwave it to give it backs its steamy goodness. Sip, sip, sipping the morning away can wear, wear, wear down enamel. Try this. Pour yourself a cup and drink it! Then take a break.
  • Drink water. We don’t mean drink water instead of coffee; and, yes, we know there is water in coffee. Here’s what can help: As you sip your coffee, also take an occasional swish of water. Let it swirl over and around your teeth. This can wash away the acidity and debris of your other, more favorable drink.
  • Latte, anyone? For some time now, we have been told to “not drink” our calories. Cream doesn’t count. Adding full dairy cream to coffee adds a healthy source of fat, which is actually good for the body. Cream, thanks to casein, also wraps up those stain-causing tannins before they can settle on enamel.

Saving your smile from coffee is simple. If stains have already become evident, give us a call. A quick teeth-whitening session can give you back your sparkle.