Dental Implants Can Restore the Function and Appearance of the Smile After Tooth Loss

Dental Implants Can Restore the Function and Appearance of the Smile After Tooth Loss

Dental Implants | Scottsdale AZ

Dr. Eric Wiitala of Scottsdale, AZ is a dentist committed to helping patients address health concerns with their smile. A common issue when it comes to tooth loss is the methods of restoration available. Our professionals are here to help patients choose the solution best for them, which may be that of dental implants.

Understanding how dental implants work

An implant is a special restoration that is made of titanium metal. This post-like object is small and placed into the jawbone by the dentist. After time is given for healing and bone growth, the implant can then be restored in a variety of ways, based on the need of the patient. These restorations have many benefits, as they are:

• Long-lasting

• Natural-looking

• Versatile

• Affordable

• Effective

Patients should also have a consultation appointment with their dentist to determine if they are candidates for dental implants.

How can dental implants be restored?

Dental implants can be used in a few different ways. First and foremost, dental implants can replace a single tooth. The implant is placed into the bone of the jaw and then restored over the top abutment with a custom dental crown. Patients who are missing a few teeth in a row may want to consider a dental bridge, but might not have teeth on each side to place one. One or two dental implants may be used as anchors for the dental bridge. Last but not least, dental implants may also be used with full dentures. Full dentures are often held in the smile using dental adhesives or natural suction. However, patients who want full functionality may consider the advantages of placing several dental implants along the dental arch to snap into place with their denture to provide complete restoration.

Discuss dental implants with a professional today

Restorations such as dental implants can help patients in achieving a fully functioning, beautiful smile. At the practice of Dr. Eric Wiitala, patients can enjoy the planning, placement, and complete restoration and finishing of dental implants. Patients in the Scottsdale, AZ community and beyond can book an appointment at the practice by calling (480) 657-6981 and visiting the office at 9755 North 90th Street B250.