Dental Implants Give You What You Really Want

Dental Implants Give You What You Really Want

Dental Implants Scottsdale AZWithout really talking about it – or even thinking about it very often – we have an inherent desire to keep our natural teeth forever. Why wouldn’t we also expect that this would be the case? Teeth look and feel stable from the time they grow in. The idea that they wouldn’t always be this way rarely comes up. It doesn’t come until our expectation has been disrupted by a damaged or injured tooth. In such an event, it is advantageous to know what can be done to fully restore the function you want.

What Full Restoration Looks Like

Historically, tooth replacement has been performed to achieve just that, tooth replacement. However, when all we do is put artificial teeth back where natural teeth once sat, we’ve missed the chance to achieve full restoration, which looks like

  • To persist means to endure – for a long, long time. Just like we expect natural teeth to be durable for our lifetime, we should be able to rely on replacements. For this to even be possible, we’ve got to go beyond replacing teeth and look at how those teeth are retained.
  • How do your teeth perform? They stay in your mouth when you chew and speak. Throughout your life, when your natural teeth were healthy, this was the norm. You were able to eat a variety of foods without your teeth slipping around. Certainly, without them falling out. Moving forward with artificial teeth, stability is a priority.
  • We have all been taught that to care for our teeth properly; we must brush and floss daily. Ultimately, to restore the mouth to its best condition would mean to replace teeth in a way that would allow this level of care to continue.

Full restoration matters. How we achieve this in our Scottsdale office is with dental implants. Dental implants persist because they integrate with bone tissue. They serve their purpose by being stable and not moving around in the mouth, thanks to that integration with bone. Finally, dental implants are roots that hold artificial teeth. In many cases, oral care calls for brushing and flossing coupled with routine dental exams and cleanings every six months.

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