Why It Is Necessary To See Sensitivity For What It Is

Why It Is Necessary To See Sensitivity For What It Is

General Dentistry Scottsdale, AZMillions of people have what they believe are “sensitive teeth.” To have sensitive teeth has become rather common, rather benign. The problem is, this portrayal of sensitivity as a primary and minor problem may be all wrong. Not everyone just has “thin enamel.” In fact, a lot of the sensitivity that is going around these days indicates that there is more to this condition than we are led to believe; and this matters.

If you were to perceive sensitivity as a symptom rather than a condition, your efforts to resolve the issue would be far different than purchasing the sensitive-teeth toothpaste you recently saw advertised on television or in a magazine. You would probably see your dentist, or at least consider what may be happening in your mouth. Well, you don’t have to wonder, we’re going to tell you why sensitivity may be a problem. Better yet, we’re going to suggest what you might do about it.

  • A cavity. Cavities are thought to be a common underlying factor insensitivity, and this symptom is usually one of the first indicators of tooth decay. For this reason, a dental exam should be scheduled if teeth become sensitive without warning and previous instance. Early care may involve nothing more than a professional cleaning and application of topical fluoride or dental sealants.
  • Enamel erosion. Enamel is softened under the effects of acidity. In this case, acidity is widespread throughout the mouth, so all teeth are essentially taking frequent baths in acidic compounds. These may come from that morning cup of coffee, or the soda you drink with lunch. Erosion can lead to larger problems, so needs to be monitored and managed. This may involve treatments or remedies to remineralize teeth or may need to involve fortification with a dental crown or with veneers.
  • Gum inflammation. We don’t often make the connection between inflamed gums and tooth sensitivity. Why would we? The common consequences of gingivitis and gum disease are often said to be bad breath and recession. The thing is, when gums recede, the nerves at the base of the tooth, as well as the root, are more exposed and vulnerable. To regain comfort, it is necessary to reinstate the protective nature of the gums. This may be accomplished with a periodontal cleaning and, if necessary, dental bonding.

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