Quickly Repair Dental Issues With Dental Bonding

Dental bonding is a cost-effective, time efficient method to address dental issues like broken, chipped, discolored, or misaligned teeth. In some cases, dental bonding can help stop or even repair tooth decay and protect exposed teeth roots due to gum recession.

Learn why dental bonding is important and in which situations it can help you.

How Dental Bonding Works

Depending on your need, your dentist will mold and shape a composite resin that’s specialized to both look like the enamel of your teeth and to work just as strong. In fact, dental bonding resin is so strong it can last up to a decade with proper care.

Once the resin has been placed, it will then be hardened with light exposure and polished. The procedure takes about one hour.

Who May Not Benefit From Dental Bonding

As mentioned before, dental bonding can help with a variety of both cosmetic and functional dental issues. However, there are times when other treatments, such as veneers or crowns, may be recommended. Veneers and crowns may be preferred over dental bonding in the case of severe dental decay.

Also, though dental bonding can be incredibly secure and durable, the resin isn’t as strong as the porcelain material used in veneers and crowns.

Though dental bonding may not be for everyone, make sure you consult with your dentist to determine if your dental issue can be solved with dental bonding.

Work With Dr. Eric Wiitala for Your Oral Health

When it comes to your oral health, choosing to work with an experienced and capable dentist is an absolute must. However, with dental bonding especially, working with the best is necessary given the deft hand required to properly mold and apply the resin utilized in dental bonding.

Dr. Eric Wiitala, a member of the Arizona Dental Board, is recognized for both his skills in dentistry and his attentive care as a dentist. Working with Dr. Wiitala can help ensure the results you want now while giving you the tools to maintain long-lasting results.

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