Seniors, Your Smile Still Matters

Seniors, Your Smile Still Matters

General Dentistry Scottsdale, AZWe all know that we will grow older – and older, and older. However, what it means to age today is far different than what it meant to our ancestors. Current generations have the power of information on their side. We recognize the necessity for and value of daily oral care, for example. Additionally, there are several professions dedicated to the preservation of health and wellness. Dentistry is one of them.

In our Scottsdale office, we believe that every person’s smile is important. Not only because a radiant smile lends to optimal confidence, but also because research is clear about the consequences of the oral disease, especially in older adults.

  • Cavities and gum disease occur because of what oral bacteria do. These tiny organisms that we cannot even see wreak havoc on the mouth through acidic byproduct. According to studies, they also pose a threat to heart health. Research has found the same bacteria related to gum disease in the arteries of people with heart disease. Their conclusion? Gum disease should be viewed as a risk factor for cardiac events.
  • Oral bacteria are make their way to the heart, and also to the lungs. Researchers believe that an unhealthy mouth could be involved in an increased risk for lung infections and pneumonia.
  • Chronic disease such as diabetes requires constant management. Studies have indicated that blood sugar can be more difficult to regulate when gum disease exists. Simultaneously, unregulated blood sugar means a greater risk of gum disease.

Preserving the Smile with Specific Strategies

The analysis suggests that plaque and tartar are more prevalent among adults over the age of 50. Fortunately, there are strategies that can be used to preserve long-term oral health. Try tips such as:

  • Put more power in your brushing. Older adults may feel frustrated with their brushing and flossing habit because of stiffness in the hands. Brushing can be made easier and more efficient through the use of a sonic or electric toothbrush that does the “brushing” for you.
  • Flossing can be made easier, too. Talk with your dentist about flossing tools or a Water Pik.
  • Keep dentures free of bacteria that can cause bad breath and gum disease by soaking them daily and seeing your dentist for periodic relining.

We are here to support you in maintaining a healthy smile. For personal care, call (480) 657-6981.