Teeth, we are So Grateful for you!

Teeth, we are So Grateful for you!

dental careWe are at that time of year when we start to take stock of all the good things in life. As the holidays approach, we are excited to talk about the many reasons that we are grateful for our teeth, and why you should be, too.

Our teeth do an awful lot, including:

  • Filling out our smile, and then some. We know that our teeth are main reason that our smile looks good. When we look in the mirror, this is where we may stop – at the appearance of bright, beautiful teeth. However, teeth also act in a supporting role. They provide the structure needed to prevent our lips and cheeks from falling in. If you’ve every observed a person without teeth, you know how much the face can age without adequate structure.
  • Teeth support digestion. Chewing is something we do without really thinking about its full importance. If the various foods you eat are not adequately broken down by chewing, your stomach puts in a lot of extra effort to complete the task of digestion. This can create bloating and stomach upset.
  • Teeth support your success in life. Really? Yes, and there’s research to confirm this theory. Researchers have studied everything from how the smile affects a person’s job prospects to how well they do in the dating world, and each study has demonstrated just how important a healthy, attractive smile is to the success we experience in life.

We want to believe that all of our patients take excellent care of their teeth, and that they prioritize oral hygiene. At the same time, we know that life gets so busy that brushing may be the last thing you want to do before falling into bed, at least on some nights. Daily hygiene is crucial to sustaining healthy teeth and gums, as are those routine visits with your friendly Scottsdale dentist.

Let’s create a partnership that gives you even more to be grateful for, lifelong oral health! Call (480) 657-6981 to schedule your exam and cleaning. We’ll make sure you are comfortable and treated like family.