The importance of an early diagnosis of periodontal disease

The importance of an early diagnosis of periodontal disease

We take good care of our teeth every day with brushing and flossing, but is that all we really need? Dr. Eric Wiitala is a dentist in the area of Scottsdale, Arizona who encourages patients to do more to proactively maintain their healthy smile. Routine dental visits, at least every six months, allows patients the opportunity to catch problems early enough for successful intervention. One common concern seen in patients who may not have had dental care for quite some time is that of periodontal disease.

What is periodontal disease?

Dr. Eric Wiitala describes periodontal disease, or gum disease, as a serious infection that impacts the entire smile. Periodontal disease occurs in stages, and the later stages can results in tooth loss, bone loss, and gum tissue loss. These can severely impact not only the health of the smile, but the appearance, and can cause irreversible damage. In order to protect a patient against periodontal disease, early diagnosis is key.

Why is an early diagnosis important?

Many dental concerns, including tooth decay, occur over time—they don’t just begin overnight. Because of this, when patients visit their dentist every six months, they are increasing the likelihood of catching these dental issues in their earliest stages. With proper treatment, this gives patients the chance to address the problem before it gets worse, and allows for treatment to take effect. The earlier stage of periodontal disease, known as gingivitis, can be reversed with early diagnosis and treatment. However, gingivitis left untreated can become much more serious and require more invasive procedures to address.

Are you overdue for an evaluation?

At the practice of Dr. Eric Wiitala, we do not judge patients who may not have been to the dental office for care. Instead, we meet patients where they’re at and help them achieve a healthy smile, creating custom treatments based on the patient’s unique needs. If conditions such as periodontal disease or tooth decay are spotted during an evaluation, our team will help in developing a solution to help! If you reside in the area of Scottsdale, AZ and are interested in obtaining an examination with our team, call our office at (480) 657-6981 to request an appointment at 9755 North 90th Street.