The Importance of Routine Oral Cancer Screenings

The Importance of Routine Oral Cancer Screenings

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This single word can bring about fear, anxiety, and concerns about the future. But with proper screenings, many patients can catch common cancers in their earliest stages for the best possible outcome. The same is true with oral cancer. With the help of Dr. Eric Wiitala and his team in Scottsdale, AZ, patients can screen for oral cancer during their routine dental visits to reduce their risks of developing it–and increase the chances of spotting it soon enough for successful intervention.

What is oral cancer?

Oral cancer can occur in any part of the mouth, including the lips, tongue, cheeks, and throat. It is often caused by tobacco use or excessive alcohol consumption, but it can also be linked to genetic factors or a virus known as HPV. Symptoms include persistent sores in the mouth that do not heal, lumps or thickening in the mouth or neck area, difficulty swallowing or chewing, and hoarseness or chronic sore throat.

Why is early detection important?

Early detection of oral cancer is crucial for the successful treatment and prevention of further complications. When caught early enough, oral cancer has a high survival rate–but if it goes undetected until later stages, it can spread to other parts of the body, leading to a more complicated and potentially fatal outcome.

How can it be screened for during a dental visit?

During your routine dental check-up, Dr. Eric Wiitala and his team will perform a thorough examination of the mouth for any signs or symptoms of oral cancer. They may also use special tools or technologies to help spot any abnormalities in the soft tissues of the mouth. If necessary, he may refer you to a specialist for further testing or treatment.

Undergo routine oral cancer screenings to improve your chances of survival!

By staying vigilant about your oral health and scheduling regular check-ups with our skilled team in Scottsdale, AZ, you can greatly reduce your risk of developing oral cancer–and increase the likelihood of catching it in the earliest stages! Call Dr. Eric Wiitala at 480-657-6981 to request a cleaning, evaluation, and oral cancer screening for your smile!