Tips Offered by Dr. Eric Wiitala for Dental Bridge Care

Tips Offered by Dr. Eric Wiitala for Dental Bridge Care

Tooth replacement is a necessary treatment that is often done after the loss of one or more teeth. Patients in the Scottsdale, AZ area who have experienced tooth loss are welcome to visit the practice of Dr. Eric Wiitala to discuss their options. Patients who have decided on dental bridges often have questions about how to care for them.

What is a dental bridge?

Dr. Eric Wiitala describes the dental bridge as a tooth replacement option that can replace one or more teeth within the dental arch. This restoration is often made of porcelain and includes dental bridges and pontics (false teeth) fused together to create an aesthetic and fully functioning repair. The bridge uses the adjacent teeth for support and provides a method of restoration that is affordable, long-lasting, and reliable.

How to care for a dental bridge

Dental bridges require some extra care and attention when compared with other dental restorations. Below are a few tips from our dentist, Dr. Eric Wiitala, regarding the care of bridges:

• Brush, brush, brush! Brushing is the most reliable way of addressing acids and sugars on the teeth that can contribute the formation of decay or disease. Brushing with a soft-bristled brush and a cavity-fighting toothpaste is needed for the entire smile, though special care should be used to brush around the dental bridge to keep the teeth and restoration clean.

• Flossing. Flossing may be more difficult around a dental bridge, as patients need to pay close attention to the teeth that are supporting the bridge and underneath the bridge along the gum line. Dr. Eric Wiitala may recommend a water flosser or an oral irrigation device to ensure the patient addresses these hard-to-reach areas.

• Routine dental visits. Patients should always visit their dentist every six months for an evaluation and cleaning. This allows the dentist to monitor the smile for problems that can impact the dental bridge, including disease or decay impacting the supporting teeth.

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