Has Tooth Loss Stolen your Confidence?

Has Tooth Loss Stolen your Confidence?

Dental ImplantsBecause our smile is with us from such a young age, it is easy to forget just how much we rely on our teeth for optimal self confidence. Without healthy, functional teeth, we cannot chew efficiently. We may favor one side of the mouth, and suffer unexpected consequences. Even the way teeth are replaced makes a difference in how confident one feels. Consider the horror of having your teeth slip out of  place during a meal or conversation. It is thoughts such as these that prompt many people to consider the value of dental implants.

We want patients of our Scottsdale practice to get the results they seek. Here, we will discuss what dental implants do to elevate the effects of tooth replacement treatments.

  • Feeling good about the appearance of your smile will lead to a greater sense of self confidence. The emotional effects of tooth replacement that mimics natural structure can improve the overall wellness a person experiences, ranging from better social interaction to greater success at work.
  • Chewing is a basic function that we expect to remain consistent throughout life. There is perhaps nothing like losing a tooth to drive this home. Trying to chew without a full set of teeth can lead to oral discomfort as well as digestive troubles. Because implants are stabilized by bone, just like natural roots, chewing is restored to full function. This means you can continue to eat your favorite foods, even those crunchy vegetables, without worry that your restoration may break or fall out.
  • Restoring a full set of teeth means a smaller risk for infection. This is because there are fewer places in which bacteria can settle in. The benefit of dental implants is that the final structure achieved is no different than your natural teeth. In terms of care, this means no special changes, like a floss threader, to reach hidden debris.

Bridgework and dentures have been mainstay treatments in dental medicine, but times are changing. For lasting function and natural beauty, speak with your Scottsdale dentist about dental implants. (480) 657-6981.

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