Top Signs You Need To See the Dentist

Top Signs You Need To See the Dentist

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Did you know that certain situations that start in the mouth can indicate serious dental problems? Dr. Eric Wiitala of Scottsdale, AZ, is a professional who educates patients on what to look for between routine dental visits that may require an extra appointment to evaluate and address.

Below are some of the top signs that you need to visit your dentist as soon as possible:

  • Pay attention to the gum tissues. Natural, healthy gum tissues should be smooth and pink in color. However, if you notice changes in your gums, such as puffiness, redness, or irritation, it may be a sign that conditions such as gingivitis are developing. With an evaluation and proper diagnosis, this condition can be reversed in the earliest stages.
  • White spots on teeth. If you have areas of white spots on the teeth, this may be a sign of plaque buildup that has hardened and led to the development of tartar or calculus. This can only be removed with the help of a dental professional, so it may be time to visit the dentist if you spot these issues.
  • Bleeding gums when brushing or flossing. Bleeding gums is not normal and is indicative of conditions such as periodontal disease. With early diagnosis and treatment, you can reverse the condition before it becomes a serious, more chronic problem.
  • Jaw pain or clicking. If you wake up with jaw pain or notice clicking in the jaw joint when eating and speaking, you may have a condition such as temporomandibular joint disorder, sometimes referred to as TMJ/TMD. This is a malfunction in the jaw joint that can be resolved with various treatment methods.
  • Pain or discomfort. Intense pain or sensitivity may be a sign of a much bigger problem, such as an infected tooth or tooth decay. Seeing a dentist as soon as possible is the best way to address this concern.
  • New spots or growths in the oral cavity. This may be a sign of oral cancer, which, like any cancer, can spread and become deadly. Early detection is essential in catching this condition soon enough to intervene effectively.

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