Using CEREC Technology to Achieve Beautiful Smiles in One Day!

Using CEREC Technology to Achieve Beautiful Smiles in One Day!

Cerec Technology Scottsdale, AZPatients from Scottsdale, AZ who are interested in same day restorations are welcome to book an appointment with Dr. Eric Wiitala and his team. A consultation appointment is the best time to learn about restorative treatment options achieved with CEREC technology.

Understanding CEREC technology

In traditional dental practices, restorations such as dental crowns are made during an extended process. Patients must book an appointment to have their tooth prepared with the removal of tooth enamel, then must deal with messy impressions and molds which are dried and sent to outside laboratories. The dentist provides specific instructions as to the appearance of the new dental crown and places a temporary crown for the patient during this visit. Patients then go about their days for several weeks, during which the new restoration is fabricated and mailed back to the dental office. Patients return to have the temporary crown removed and the new crown bonded in place. This takes a lot of time and energy from our team and our patients.

Instead, Dr. Eric Wiitala is proud to offer CEREC technology for the fabrication of dental crowns. This eliminates the second appointment and allows patients to obtain their dental restoration during a single visit. Patients have their teeth prepared with the removal of tooth enamel, and then a specialized device takes digitized impressions of the teeth and converts it to CAD/CAM software. This digital image is then milled out of a block of porcelain using the CEREC machine, and within minutes, patients will be able to have their new restoration bonded in place. Patients love the ability to come into the office for their repair and leave with it, all in the same day!

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Are you interested in tooth restoration solutions? We welcome you to book an appointment with Dr. Eric Wiitala today to discuss your options and find out how treatments such as CEREC crowns can enhance the smile. The office is conveniently located in Suite #B250 at 9755 North 90h Street, and the front office can be reached at (480) 657-6981 to schedule an appointment.