Want to Revive Your Look in the New Year? All we Need is Twenty Minutes!

Want to Revive Your Look in the New Year? All we Need is Twenty Minutes!

Teeth Whitening Scottsdale AZAs far as we’ve come with cosmetic treatments, both surgical and non-surgical, it isn’t quite possible to reverse decades of aging on the face and body. We don’t meet many people who are interested in this degree of improvement. What many people say is that it would be nice to look about 10 years younger than they are. We agree. At this level, what happens is we look younger, not like we’ve had work done. One way to move the hands of time without much investment of your time is to visit our Scottsdale office for teeth whitening.

Toothpaste and strips are good for some things, but not for removing years of debris buildup in the tubules of tooth enamel and dentin. This is why powerful teeth whitening treatments have been in development for hundreds of years. Those that we have now can dramatic turn the smile around. You may know this, and you may be ready, and you may also be a bit apprehensive due to the sensitivity that in-office teeth whitening is known to cause.

We’ve got a solution to your concerns.

We are proud to perform in-office teeth whitening using the Sinsational Smile® system. This short treatment has been specifically designed to achieve a few important objectives. First, it is pain-free. Second, Sinsational Smile is the first and only teeth whitening system to be Green Certified. This means that all materials involved in the process can be recycled. Finally, results are noticeable without causing unpleasant side effects. Ultimately, we cannot say that this system will whiten as dramatically as, say, Zoom! The manufacturer has developed a treatment that lifts up to 5 shades and can be easily performed as a part of routine dental cleanings.

In addition to in-office whitening, our patients may also benefit from a convenient home whitening kit that is custom made to fit their mouth. The bottom line is that, whether treatment is performed in the office or at home, a brighter smile is a smile that adds youthfulness to the face.

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