Want Whiter, Brighter Teeth Faster? Visit The Dentist

Teeth whitening

Teeth whitening treatments you can access over-the-counter simply do not compare to the whitening solutions found at the dentist. The dentist can offer you a whiter smile that lasts longer and takes less time. Learn about the benefits of working with a dentist for teeth whitening.

How You Whiten vs. How the Dentist Whitens

Whitening solutions at the store or pharmacy may include whitening toothpaste and strips. Though you may notice some whitening results from these products, you may feel dissatisfied.

The reason the results are lackluster is because of the ingredients. Whitening toothpaste, for example, contains abrasives meant to scrub the surface of your tooth. This does not result in true whitening. At the dentist, you’ll find extrinsic and intrinsic whitening, meaning a tooth that is whiter from the inside as well.

Furthermore, the concentration of ingredients found in over-the-counter whitening treatments is far less than those found at the dentist. Inferior concentrations mean a duller smile with results that don’t last long. With the dentist’s whitening treatments, you can expect results to last nearly a year, if not longer.

At-Home Treatments Can Be Damaging

Unlike at the dentist, where the application is done by a professional, or you are walked through the application process by a professional, at-home treatments may leave you susceptible to injury.

The abrasives found in whitening toothpaste can wear away the enamel, resulting in teeth that appear yellow or dulled. Also, the strips and molds you can purchase are not individualized to your mouth, meaning the whitening solution can make contact with your gums, leading to pain and potentially tooth sensitivity.

Your dentist may provide a take-home solution utilizing their superior concentration of ingredients and a mold specific to your mouth.

Get a Whiter Smile With Dr. Eric Wiitala

Obtaining a whiter, brighter smile is possible when working with a professional.

Dr. Eric Wiitala is a proud Arizona Dental Board member and always strives to offer you the best in care. This is why he offers two in-office treatments and a convenient take-home option for teeth whitening.

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