Why patients need to maintain their regular dental checkups

Why patients need to maintain their regular dental checkups

Woman waiting for a dental examTaking care of the smile means more than just brushing and flossing at home. It also means visiting the dentist regularly for a thorough cleaning and dental evaluations. These visits are critical to ensuring patients obtain the best possible care, reducing their risks of conditions such as periodontal disease and tooth decay. Many of these conditions can cause significant problems within the smile, including the loss of bone, gum tissue, and teeth. With proper care, the smile will remain healthy and intact.

What happens during routine dental checkups?

During a dental checkup, patients of the Scottsdale, AZ area will start with a series of dental x-rays completed by a dental hygienist. Then, the dental hygienist cleans the patient’s teeth during a teeth cleaning, also known as prophylaxis. Plaque, tartar, and calculus are removed from the teeth before polishing them. Once the teeth are clean, Dr. Eric Wiitala evaluates the patient. He will look at the dental x-rays to look for any signs of problems, and will perform a physical evaluation of the teeth and gums to look for periodontal issues or tooth decay. Once the cleaning and evaluation is complete, patients can leave the office after scheduling their next appointment six months out.

Why are dental cleanings and regular evaluations important?

These routine dental visits are critical to maintaining healthy smiles. First off, they supplement the care that patients take in cleaning their teeth each day. Second, they allow for a professional to spot problems when they are in their earliest stages—ensuring that treatments is effective and affordable. Third, these visits allow patients to ask questions to their dental team about caring for their smile, or give the opportunity to learn about cosmetic dentistry treatments that can further enhance the teeth and gums.

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