September 15, 2022

Learn about pregnancy-related gingivitis during National Women’s Health and Fitness Day on September 28th!

September 28th is National Women’s Health and Fitness Day, and at the office of Dr. Eric Wiitala, a specialized focus on conditions such as pregnancy-related gingivitis […]
August 15, 2022

How to tackle bad breath

Bad breath can be a real turnoff. If you’re looking to avoid social embarrassment and keep your breath smelling great, there are a few simple things […]
July 15, 2022

How cosmetic dentistry can help your career and interpersonal relationships

Your smile is one of the first things that people notice about you, and a beautiful smile can give you an essential edge in both your […]
June 15, 2022

Myths and facts about fluoride

Did you know that fluoride is one of the most important minerals for healthy teeth? It helps to prevent cavities and tooth decay. However, there are […]
May 15, 2022

Addressing a crooked tooth without braces

When you take a look in the mirror, are you happy with the appearance of your smile? Do you love most of your smile except that […]