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“I have been going to Dr. Witala since he took over the practice. Change is difficult but Dr. Witala and his staff made it easy. He knows how much I Hate going to the dentist. He is very calming, tells me what he is doing, keeps checking if I’m ok and is just an all-around sweet man and wonderful dentist. If you are afraid of the dentist he is the one to go to. I also have a son who is mentally ill. Dr. Witala and Danielle, the hygenist, work great with him. This is proof itself how wonderful the whole office is.” – Lisa S.

“While most people don’t like going to the dentist, I can truthfully say I don’t mind seeing Dr. Wiitala. First off, he’s one of the nicest guys and his staff is the same. The medical practice I work for refers to him quite often and our patients have been very happy with their experiences. The usual routine begins with a cleaning with the hygienist. That’s the not-so-fun part. I’ve got a permanent retainer on my bottom teeth so they have to use an ultrasonic to clean up down there. It feels a little weird, but works wonders for keeping my teeth shiny and healthy. Dr. Wiitala comes in after to make sure everything looks OK and answers any questions. No one ever preaches to me about flossing, though it’s always encouraged. Several months ago, a slightly discolored lump in my gums had me worried. I called and got scheduled almost immediately. Dr. Wiitala and a couple hygienists were waiting for me when I came in to give me a very thorough clean, identify the issue, and extract a small piece of food (gross, I know) that had lodged itself in deep. I was relieved to know it wasn’t more serious. Bottom line: Dr. Wiitala is my go-to dentist. I’ve been pleased with every visit and I like knowing my smile is in good hands.” -Andrew S.

“I visited Dr. Wiitala recently, based upon a recommendation from a colleague. I was very impressed with his friendly and courteous staff, his kindness and very compassionate approach with his patients. Dr. Wiitala took time to explain the dental procedure I was about to have. I was delighted to have a new crown in no time. I love my new smile…thank you, Dr. Wiitala!” -Catherine M

“This was by far the best experience going to the dentist. His staff is professional and Dr. Wiitala takes time to talk with you and develop a dental plan based on your needs. He gives advice on flossing, tips on how to brush those hard to reach places and never tries to sell you something or push a service you don’t need. If you do need any dental work (aside from a standard cleaning), Dr. Wiitala provides the most painless shots. You don’t even feel it. If you are looking for dentist in the Phoenix/Scottsdale area, it is worth a trip to Dr. Wiitala’s office”. -L Gilchrist

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