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Facial aging is unavoidable, and it can become concerning when we feel like our outward appearance no longer reflects our inner liveliness. If you are struggling with the idea of losing your youthful appearance, it could be time to take action. In our Scottsdale office, you can do this with Botox. Dr. Eric Wiitala has over 10 years of experience with Botox and has injected over 50,000 units. We invite you to contact our office today to schedule your appointment.


Understanding Botox Cosmetics

Botox is an anti-aging product from Allergan that is formulated with a minute amount of Clostridium botulinum. The botulinum toxin was used therapeutically for many years prior to the development of Botox Cosmetic. The clinical use of this substance creates greater comfort for individuals with certain muscle disorders. It does so by temporarily relaxing muscular contractions. Some believe that Botox paralyzes the muscles, but this isn’t necessarily accurate. With strategic use, it is possible to achieve a state of relaxation through which overlying skin becomes smooth and more youthful.

What Is Botox Used For?

In addition to minimizing the appearance of lines and wrinkles that result from collagen loss and facial expression, Botox is also commonly used as a treatment for some of the symptoms of TMJ disorder. By treating muscles in the jaw, it is possible to facilitate a healing response simply by producing a state of relaxation. This product has also been used clinically to treat chronic headaches as well as excessive sweating.

How Long Does The Botox Treatment Take?

Botox treatments are comfortable and convenient. After the initial consultation to discuss your desired outcome, and to answer any questions you have, the actual treatment can be completed in just a few minutes.


When To Expect Results From Your Botox Sessions

Muscles respond to Botox Cosmetic progressively over the week following treatment. While there is a slight immediate improvement, the final result is most visible after about 7 days. Over time, the product will be metabolized by the body. The speed at which this occurs is different for every person. On average, patients typically schedule touch-ups every 3 to 6 months in order to sustain their youthful appearance.

Are Botox Injections Painful?

Of course, every person has a unique level of pain tolerance. What most people describe is minor discomfort from the injections themselves. There is typically no sensation tied to the infusion of product in the skin, only the slight pinch of the tiny needle. This could be mitigated with numbing cream, or the application of ice prior to treatment.

Why Choosing Dr. Wiitala for Botox Is The Right Fit

Dr. Wiitala has been treating patients with Botox for over 12 years. He was lucky enough to have some specialized training from some of the nation’s top cosmetic Doctors for advanced placement of botox to not only treat fine lines and wrinkles but also a treatment for migraines and TMJ pain. Dr. Wiitala has placed over 60,000 units of Botox during this time and has been sought after by other Doctors to train their teams. Correct placement and dosing is essential in achieving optimum results.

Botox Vs. Dermal Fillers

Botox is not a dermal filler. Technically, it is classified as a neuromodulator. This means that it modulates, or regulates, neural responses between the brain and the muscles that are treated with the product. It is used on dynamic wrinkles, those that develop as a result of muscle movements. Common concerns that can be addressed with Botox include crow’s feet, frown lines and horizontal lines on the forehead, and a drooping brow. Dermal fillers, such as Juvederm, reduce the appearance of wrinkles that are related to volume loss, usually on the lower parts of the face.


How Much Does Botox Cost?

The price of your Botox treatment is based on the number of units used. As each patient is unique, the cost of Botox treatment varies. We invite you to contact our office so we can learn more about the desired look you would like to achieve with your treatment and provide a customized quote.


Side Effects Of Botox Injections

Generally, Botox treatments are well-tolerated, with little risk of adverse reaction. Some of the most common side effects reported include minor discomfort at injection sites, redness, swelling, and slight bruising. Not all patients experience these side effects. Most can get right back to their normal routine after treatment.
Additional side effects that some patients may experience include headache, flu-like malaise, nausea, or minor weakness in the treatment area.

Kind Words From Proud Patients

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