Brighten Your Smile with Professional Whitening

We all like our coffee in the morning and a little red wine at night. But our teeth become stained and discolored. Even the process of natural aging darkens our teeth. Are we supposed to skip all the fun drinks and foods like raspberries and chocolate? No, teeth whitening in Scottsdale from Dr. Wiitala can get you back the bright white smile you want. Eric Wiitala DDS offers a safe and effective way to get that white smile. By applying safe bleach to the front surface of your teeth, we can dramatically improve the color of teeth. We offer several options to bleach your teeth from 30 minutes in office procedures, to custom take home trays that you do at your leisure.

How does teeth whitening work?

Hydrogen peroxide has the ability to penetrate the tooth enamel, which is somewhat porous. Once it penetrates the enamel, the peroxide breaks down the stain. Peroxide can also break down stains in the dentin layer of the teeth, but it takes longer.

Will whitening work on my teeth?

Generally, teeth whitening will work on teeth that are discolored or stained due to these factors:

  • Age
  • Genetics
  • Coffee, soda, tea, and certain foods
  • Tobacco use
  • Poor home hygiene

The teeth can also become discolored by trauma, gum disease or tooth infection, medications such as tetracycline, and fluorosis (excessive use of fluoride). When this is the cause of your tooth discoloration, topical whitening solutions don’t work. In these cases, Dr. Wiitala may recommend porcelain veneers, bonding, or dental crowns to cover the staining.

What teeth whitening options does Dr. Wiitala offer?

At our practice, we offer two different paths to a brighter smile.

Custom Home Whitening — You can also opt for home whitening. For this, we fabricate custom trays to fit your teeth. We take impressions to make your trays and then provide the hydrogen peroxide gel to fill the trays at home. When home, you wear the filled trays for 30 minutes to one hour every day for one to two weeks.

On-the-Go Whitening — This whitening method is especially popular with those who have to travel for business. It consists of a series of disposable pre-filled whitening trays that the patient wears in the evening and then discards. The number of trays and duration depends on the degree of whitening desired.

Does whitening cause tooth sensitivity?

Whitening can make the teeth a little more sensitive for a brief period of time after the application, but that passes quickly. If you have particularly sensitive teeth, be sure to tell us because we can desensitize your teeth before we perform the whitening.

Can whitening damage my teeth?

No. There are no recorded instances of irreversible or structural damage caused by tooth whitening. Any effects, such as sensitivity, are temporary.

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