Snoring, a sign of a serious health condition called sleep apnea.

Snoring is caused by the vibration of soft tissues in the back of the throat when breathing is restricted.  Having undiagnosed sleep apnea causes many serious health risks, so it is important to be properly screened for this deadly disease.  Scottsdale dentist Dr. Eric Wiitala has had extensive training in snoring and sleep apnea to provide his patients with proper care.

Proper testing is needed to rule out sleep apnea, and that’s why Dr. Eric Wiitala will provide his patients with a simple (HST) Home Sleep Test to be performed in the comfort of your home.  The test usually takes 2-3 days of sleep recordings and then is read by board certified sleep Physician.  Only then can we decide on a course of treatment.

dental sleep device

Signs of Snoring:

  • snoring
  • daytime tiredness
  • high blood pressure
  • morning headaches

If snoring is an issue, often Dr. Eric Wiitala can make a simple dental sleep device.  This simple mouth piece will open the airway allowing unrestricted flow of air.

If you are unsure if you have Sleep Apnea or just want something to help treat snoring, call and request an appointment with Scottsdale dentist Dr. Eric Wiitala so that you can he can determine the best course of action.  Dr. Eric Wiitala has had extensive training in treating snoring and sleep apnea, and with proper screening and testing, he along with your Doctor can help determine what is going to be best for you.

Snoring can be the sign of a deadly condition.

Call the office of Scottsdale dentist Dr. Eric Wiitala today and get the sleep you deserve.


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